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Jiangsu Yima held in Jiangxi asphalt mixing technology exchange will be a complete success

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March 18, Jiangsu Yima in Jiangxi Nanchang, Jiangxi hotel held asphalt mixing technology exchange, Nanchang municipal engineering management director, Nanchang City Chunhui municipal general manager Cheng Jun, Nanchang City Highway Bureau Director Chen Mu South, Jiangxi Expressway Authority Wei Gaofei and other asphalt mixing equipment business and users, media friends a total of more than 200 people attended the meeting.

In the release ceremony, Jiangsu Yima Road Machinery Sales Director Xue Shan said that 2013 is to achieve the "second Five-Year" transport planning ahead of the key years, Jiangxi Province, transport infrastructure construction investment scale of 35.4 billion yuan , Mainly for traffic key infrastructure construction, improve people's livelihood and other key projects. In the customer more attention to the brand value of the equipment and the brand in the precipitation of technical strength, become more and more rational to buy asphalt mixing equipment today, Jiangsu Yima will be higher quality to meet customer needs.


Jiangsu Yima's leaching station follows the European top technology manufacturing, using the standard sea container container design, container asphalt mixing plant design concept not only effectively reduce the mixing station of the cost of demolition and transportation; in line with the global advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection concept, Small dust emissions; small footprint; and in the construction of pouring asphalt pavement has an absolute advantage. At present, Jiangsu Yima production of asphalt mixing plant and related engineering equipment not only sold to China and exported to overseas markets, through continuous exploration and development, has been in product quality and production capacity has made the trust of domestic and foreign customers.
2013, Jiangxi highway construction projects have 15, the total construction mileage of 1081.3 km. The news of the road construction machinery industry is undoubtedly a good news. Of course, Jiangsu Yima is also very optimistic about the region of Jiangxi, Jiangsu Yima will seize the opportunity to CSM240 3000 asphalt mixing equipment consisting mainly of products, and constantly improve and build the Jiangxi market.

The technology rendezvous, customers and industry friends put forward on the Jiangsu Yima and asphalt mixing equipment hope and requirements, and promote the company and customers of the exchange and cooperation. The exchange of informative cases and interactive forms of communication, making the meeting vivid, active atmosphere. Participating business representatives on the meeting to give a high evaluation, that this exchange will open up a vision, the company's future equipment management helpful. I believe that Jiangsu Yima regardless of how the external environment, excellent product quality coupled with good service, will be able to win, win the Jiangxi market.


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