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Jiangsu Yima CSM240 mixing station Chengdu construction was Wei name

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  ——Construction of Jiangsu Yima CSM240 Container Asphalt Concrete Mixing Station in

【China Road Machinery Network reporter / Yang Feng】Jiangsu Yima Road Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in recent years continue to innovate asphalt mixing station construction product concept, with its own advantages for customers to maximize the value. Recently, Jiangsu Yima CSM240 container asphalt concrete mixing station involved in the Chengdu Second Ring Road asphalt pavement construction. At the scene, the efficient and environmentally friendly acceleration of the Italian device greatly supported the normal construction of the construction, but also once again in the Tianfu country Rongcheng Jiangsu Yima equipment technology innovation and adaptability of the dual advantages. Jiangsu Yima also with its unique innovation, intensive, environmentally friendly cast a new model of new asphalt mixing construction.

Jiangsu Yima CSM240 Container Asphalt Concrete Mixing Station

Yima this participation project is Chengdu important urban construction traffic engineering - Chengdu Second Ring Road construction. As a key project in Chengdu, in March officially launched a large area of asphalt paving project, plans to finish by the end of April. The project is facing the construction period is short, the task is heavy, the construction of high stringent stringent requirements. Jiangsu Yima is a big test. At the scene can be seen, with a burst of mechanical roar from the second ring road junctions elevated bridge junctions, equipment production of pouring asphalt concrete is the second ring of Chengdu steel bridge deck paving. A nearly 10 meters wide asphalt concrete paver is the temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius raw materials laid on the test section of 6 meters wide. Production of asphalt material mixing equipment is from Jiangsu Yima Road Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. combined with years of mixing technology and product innovation and research and development of the CSM240 container asphalt concrete mixing station, a steady stream of equipment, efficient and efficient Provide support for project construction. Jiangsu Yima successfully passed the test.

Jiangsu Yima, the participation of the project is only in the region of Jiangsu Yima all kinds of equipment use of a microcosm. With the increase in the efficiency of the road construction and the environmental standards of the asphalt mixing station, how to maximize the efficient output of the equipment in the distance from the city while maintaining the ease of installation and disassembly and reducing the impact of the ecological environment asphalt Mixing station enterprises are facing new product development problems. Jiangsu Yima assembly company's best resources, according to the specific characteristics of China's asphalt mixing to develop CSM240 container asphalt concrete mixing station is in line with this demand trend of the product.

 Chengdu Second Ring Road construction site

The construction of the Chengdu Second Ring Road, Fang Ruixin company, the choice of this device is the value of this type of portable portable removable and environmentally friendly features. With the road paving project in full swing, Jiangsu Yima is using their own ideas and dedication to the products continue to win customer support. Greatly reducing the Ruixin company in the asphalt mixing equipment on the energy and investment for the project's health to play the greatest support.【China road mechanical network reporter exclusive write, reproduced please indicate the source, offenders must study!】

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