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1、Quick Response:

2 hours response, 8 hours to provide temporary solutions, arrived at the scene within 24 hours;

The control system has the function of remote diagnosis and maintenance.

2、Major: Provide professional guidance, equipment installation, commissioning, training, and stay an engineer for 1 months in the field, escort for project production.

3、Train: In plant training, on-site training, technical exchange meeting.

4、On-Site Inspection: Annual inspection tour.

5、Sustainability: Spare parts supply is urgent, the price is reasonable, and lifelong service.

6、Reliable: The main configuration of import, part of the key parts warranty details: (in the normal use of equipment maintenance).

Serial Number

Component Description

Warranty Period


Wear resistant parts of mixing cylinder

600 thousand ton finished material


Vibrating screen drive system

400 thousand ton finished material


Wear resistant parts of hoist

400 thousand ton finished material


Drum stripper

400 thousand ton finished material


Oil and coal to gas, to provide the main burner, boiler LNG natural gas transformation services.

Upgrading and upgrading of equipment.

According to the user and environmental protection requirements to provide simple environmental protection transformation and full environmental protection transformation.

Only for the Yima customers to provide equipment relocation, joint tune and other services.

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