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At the beginning of 2013, Jiangsu Yima signed the first set of CSM400 (5000) sales contract

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2013 at the beginning of the new year, Jiangsu Yima company made a good start! And Chongqing Zhenye Construction Machinery Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. signed the sale of the Italian CSM400 (5000) contract.


CSM400 (5000) is a new member of the family of Asahi asphalt mixing equipment, compared to other domestic manufacturers of 5000 super-wide ultra-long, not suitable for transport, the company's main functional components into the container inside, to solve the transport And the equipment is also the first set of equipment for the production of 5,000-type leaching station in the company. It has filled the gaps in the Chinese-made container-type structure type 5000 leaching station. In the future, Jiangsu Yima Company will strive to make progress. To overcome the technical problems of various leaching station, set up and improve the national after-sales service network, so that Italian users get the best Italian mixing station operation experience for China asphalt mixing station and China's road construction to make new and greater contributions.

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